Monday, June 29, 2009

Let's Be Original!

Tonight's post is taking a new twist. It's not giving advice or insight or my opinion. Tonight's post is all about hidden treasures on the internet. It's all about this fantastic website known as ETSY. If you have never heard of, it's this great site featuring handmade items from small, never heard of designers. Most of these people are making this stuff in their own homes and it is better and more original than most stuff you can find in stores. And bonus, you will most likely be the only person to have it as most items are one of a kind! People are making and selling everything from clothes to jewelry to paintings to furniture. Literally anything you could imagine is on this site! Plus, everything is super affordable (all about the chiconomics!). I actually just bought a super cute vintage mirrored vanity tray and a couple of super cute painting to hang in my living room and kitchen! In addition to all the original items people are selling, the site features a huge vintage section. This vintage section is the most diverse I have seen on the internet. And, it definitely has the largest selection! Some of my favorite ETSY sellers are lakeillustration (fantastic pop art paintings of notable celebs like my fav Audrey Hepburn), iomiss (handmade jewelry from Spain), and rikrak (they make all their items like envelope clutches and adorable coasters from recycled vintage fabrics). So next time you are on the hunt for an original gift for someone (or yourself) or looking for great vintage finds, I suggest you check out ETSY first!

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