Thursday, July 9, 2009

You're So Vintage.....

The other day I am sitting on the couch with a friend playing on the computer (what's new) when she decides to show me these dresses she is ordering. They are from a site called If you haven't heard of it, it is a great site featuring vintage pieces. It was started by a lady named Susan because of her love of vintage clothing. The summer before her freshman year of college she began the site selling a few pieces she found here and there that needed a good home. This love of selling vintage clothes continued through college and grew a little more each day. By the time graduation rolled around, she decided to take on the site full time. Susan has a true passion for vintage clothes and accessories and it shows on her site. I like to think of it as Urban Outfitters but so much better and truly original. PLUS, the prices were really good too! So next time you are looking for a great vintage pieces, I suggest you check out Mod Cloth!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

What Not to Wear...NASCAR Edition

For the 4th, I did something very patriotic (and by patriotic I mean redneck and truly American). I went to my very first NASCAR race. I must say this was definitely an experience to remember. While there, I saw some things I hope to never see again. Now I know what you all are thinking. You are probably thinking I saw some truly inappropriate public behavior. While I may have seen some of that, it is not what I am talking about. I saw some of the most hideously dressed people ever. Therefore, I would like to take this time to inform you of some of the things that should never ever be worn EVER (including to any theme parties such as white trash bash or even Halloween). First, I have no problem if you are overweight but, I feel that if your midsection flops over the top of your pants that are coincidentally 4 sizes too small, you should NEVER wear a shirt bearing your entire midsection. In case you were wondering, your bra is not a shirt and should not be worn as one. Continuing, I love a great backpack or messenger bag as much as the next person when times call for it but never should these be made of clear plastic. In case you were wondering, NASCAR does not check bags when you walk through the gate. And, if I wanted to see what's in your bag, I would ask. Next, if you are missing your teeth and have falsies, I suggest (for sanitation and the well being of others) you keep them in your mouth. Lastly, shirts come with sleeves for a reason. You should not cut them off to where others can see your entire ab-less stomach by looking at you through the side of your cut off tee (again, if I wanted to see, I would ask, but I don't so please keep it to yourself). These shirts have one purpose only, the gym (and that is pushing it sometimes)! Just remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression and no excuse to dress in any of the above stated items!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Dreaming in Plastic....

The other day I get an email from a friend interning in NYC this summer telling me of a company that wants to advertise in Clutch (Florida State's fashion magazine). The name of this company is called Melissa Plastic Dreams. Wanting to know more about it, I check out their website. There I find the cutest wellies (rain shoes) I have ever seen. Now, these are not your typical wellies. These shoes are made of the same waterproof material that keeps feet dry during tough rains but in trendy styles such as ballerina flats, wedges, and even sling back pumps! The only downfall is you can't purchase online yet. However, the site assures me that feature is coming soon! And when it does, I can guarantee you I will buy a couple pairs (mom wants some too!). So, check out her site and next time it rains go out in style!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shopping on Ebay?????

So Ebay has always been a great place to find great deals on anything and everything from electronics to designer duds. But, did you know that if you search your favorite TV show on Ebay you can find looks straight from the show? For example, the other day I searched Gossip Girl on Ebay and found Blair inspired headbands as well as lots of items the stars have been caught wearing on and off camera like Blake Lively's red carpet ready white and navy blazer from a recent charity event and Taylor Momson's long stripped hooded sweater. I also tried searching Project Runway and found many pieces made by designers from the show (and most were fairly reasonably priced). Now beware while searching that this does not work will all shoes. It pretty much just works with shows where fashion is an emphasis. So next time you are playing on Ebay I suggest you give this a try and see what great things you find!