Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shopping on Ebay?????

So Ebay has always been a great place to find great deals on anything and everything from electronics to designer duds. But, did you know that if you search your favorite TV show on Ebay you can find looks straight from the show? For example, the other day I searched Gossip Girl on Ebay and found Blair inspired headbands as well as lots of items the stars have been caught wearing on and off camera like Blake Lively's red carpet ready white and navy blazer from a recent charity event and Taylor Momson's long stripped hooded sweater. I also tried searching Project Runway and found many pieces made by designers from the show (and most were fairly reasonably priced). Now beware while searching that this does not work will all shoes. It pretty much just works with shows where fashion is an emphasis. So next time you are playing on Ebay I suggest you give this a try and see what great things you find!

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